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My name is Brady Harris, and I have been a Certified Interpretive Guide for over 6 years now in the Grand Canyon region. I love to travel the world, experience new things, Eat, and spend copious amounts of time with my family.

I have extensive knowledge of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Descended from the original settlers, 7 generations of my family were born and raised in Southern Utah, and I was raised with a strong appreciation of the outdoors, stories, and history of the area. *Fun fact: My Great Grandfather raised and ran horses for Butch Cassidy. *

After college, 10 years in hospitality and working throughout the country, I settled here at the Grand Canyon with my family.

This is our home now, there is no place like it in the world. The Community here may be small, but the educational resources are extensive. Having access to National Park collections, museums, ranger programs, and the National Archives gave me an insider's perspective to the canyon and the people who made it possible. Plants, Animals, Geology, History, Stories: no topic is off limits and depending on your interests we can always dive deeper.

My guiding style tends to be relaxed, knowledgeable, with a eye for safety and details. I want your trip to the Grand Canyon to go as smooth, stress free, and memorable as possible."

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