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South Florida - Birding / Wildlife

photography workshop

(Private - on Demand)

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What to bring

  • Camera - preferrably a digital SLR or mirrorless camera

  • Telephoto lens - ideally at least 400mm

  • tripod - advised but not essential

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • bug spray

Join me in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a birding/wildlife photography workshop.

Escape the usual tourist traps and explore Florida's wild side - a side that few get to experience.   You won’t see rugged mountain ranges, deep canyons, or raging rivers and waterfalls, but a subtle beauty that is unique to this corner of the world.  Visit during our mild winter season and explore the State’s vast wetlands, teeming with migratory and resident wading birds and an abundance of alligators.  Nothing beats the solitude of a sunrise boat or kayak trip through the Ten Thousand Islands – the only sound you’ll hear will be the wind, the waves and the occasional cry of an Osprey.  Be entertained by comical pelicans fishing in “pouches” off the beach. Wander through groves of live oak or along boardwalks through ancient cypress swamps, with hanging moss and alive with the chatter or warblers and woodpeckers.  End your day end with an unforgettable sunset across the Everglades’ golden rivers of grass or looking out over a tranquil ocean.   In summer, chase thunderstorms to capture a lightning show that is almost unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Whether your passion is wildlife or landscapes, you won’t be disappointed.

This workshop will focus on wading migratory birds, Osprey and other raptors, such as the burrowing owls. Depending on where the action is we could visit Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Reserve, Ten Thousand Islands marine reserve, Green Cay or Wakodahatchee wetlands, and Pine Island Ridge.  

I offer both 1 and 2 day workshops.  Pricing depends on duration and number of participants (Max. 4 participants).  

Price Starting at: $500 pp (based on two participants - 1 day)
  • Photography instruction

  • Transport (if you prefer to carpool that's fine - does not change cost)

  • 3-hour private photography cruise (sunset or sunrise for the 2 day workshop)

  • 1-nights accommodation if doing 2 day workshop

  • Meals

  • Equipment

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